Not all wooden jigsaw puzzles and toys for kids are created equal!  How do we know that here at Playplus+?

Because at Playplus   we are privileged to be able to offer our customers  internationally renowned Tuzzles™ wooden jigsaw puzzles and toys for kids…

With three decades in the industry Tuzzles™ are unique in the industry with a background in commercial wooden jigsaw puzzles and toys for kids

Developed to support the needs of your growing child’s intellectual, psychological and physical development

But even more importantly this is absolutely the most fun a child can have while getting an exceptional learning experience!

So why is that important to your child?


Because there are key stages of learning in every child’s life, that form the basis for all future development.

Are we thinking about this when we are buying a wooden jigsaw puzzle for our kids?

Probably not, but we probably should be…

You see at Tuzzles™ they know how important it is to have the right tools (well ‘toys’) available at the right time to stimulate a child’s learning


For example the pre-toddlers need wooden jigsaw puzzles with knobs to help little fingers grasp the pieces while they are getting control over those motor skills…

As you know they’re more attracted to vivid colours, exciting images, things that attract their attention and capture their interest and imagination!

But it doesn’t end there this then presents an opportunity to teach basics like shapes and colours, all through play…

Using shapes and blocks of colour help children understand how shapes create the world around them

Then putting those together to create a recognisable image, giving an enormous sense of achievement too!



For the older child there is progress to numbers and alphabet…

Tuzzles™ have developed an extensive range of wooden jigsaw puzzles for kids that support this progression in learning and keep it fun and exciting too!

Precision laser cut wooden jigsaw puzzles for kids are so much easier to manage for little fingers

Children who are still developing fine motor skills can quickly become frustrated with wooden jigsaw puzzle pieces that don’t fit!

So ensure they don’t lose interest in learning and developing those skills both physical and physiological that are so vital to their future…

FL-T-020 AB ART CROCODILE on white



The vast experience and background of Tuzzles™ means they have developed an exceptional range of wooden jigsaw puzzles and toys

Why is this important?

Because this allows you to tailor a range of wooden jigsaw puzzles and toys that can cater to your child’s particular interests!

Dinosaurs, fairies, trucks, planes whatever your child’s interest Tuzzles™ wooden puzzles and toys will have just what you’re looking for…



Tuzzles™ was born almost 30 years ago out of a need for wooden jigsaw puzzles for kids with disabilities

During this time Tuzzles™ wooden jigsaw puzzles and toys for kids have had phenomenal success in preschools, kindergartens and special needs schools worldwide

From this background Tuzzles™ are uniquely positioned to support your child’s development with a stunning range of wooden jigsaw puzzles and toys

Now due to increasing demand Tuzzles™ wooden jigsaw puzzles and toys will be available to the public through PlayPlus+ websites


Tuzzles™ also know how important it is that those tools, or in this case ‘toys’ be environmentally friendly, tough and safe.

So, Tuzzles™ wooden jigsaw puzzles and toys for kids for are a guaranteed Australian made product, manufactured from eco-friendly timber.

Also Tuzzles™ wooden jigsaw puzzles and toys for kids for meet all Australian Safety Standards to ensure your child is learning and growing psychologically, as well as safely.

Now it just doesn’t get better than that…



So over the coming weeks we will be introducing the spectacular Tuzzles™ wooden jigsaw puzzles and toys range to you on Playplus+

You will have a unique opportunity to see the vast range of wooden jigsaw puzzles and toys for kids available to support your child’s development.

And most important of all Tuzzles™ wooden jigsaw puzzles and toys for kids are beautiful to touch, amazing to look at and just a tremendous amount of fun for kids of all ages…




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Happy Puzzling!