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Featuring Tuzzles Puzzles

Tuzzles jigsaw puzzles are the highest quality classroom-grade jigsaw puzzles and have been proudly manufactured in Australia for over 30 years using safe, sustainable, high-quality materials.

Fine motor skills

Puzzles improve fine motor skills by picking up and manipulating puzzle pieces

Busy Street

Shape recognition

Jigsaw puzzles can help children learn to recognize different shapes, as each puzzle piece has a unique shape that fits into a specific spot on the puzzle.

Problem Solving

Jigsaw puzzles require children to think critically and solve problems in order to complete the puzzle.

Airport Scene

Patience and persistence

Completing a jigsaw puzzle requires patience and persistence, as it may take some time to finish. This can help children develop these important qualities.



Children can improve their hand-eye coordination by visually searching for puzzle pieces and manipulating them into place.

Wild Animals

Social skills

Jigsaw puzzles can also be a fun activity for children to do with friends or family members, which can help them develop social skills and learn to work as part of a team.