Montessori products offer a step-by-step self-guided approach to learning. As children explore the world around them they start to become more aware of colours and shapes. This is the perfect stage in their development to offer them simple puzzles with a variety of colours and shapes to stimulate and drive learning.

  Sequencing peg - Set of 3

Montessori – Levels of Development

Fish TankKnobbed/Peg Puzzles (Easy Grip puzzles)
Knobbed or peg puzzles require children to learn to use a “pincer” grip using the fingers and thumb that help prepare the child for writing and other fine muscle activities.

Problem Solving  – Moving from the simple to the complex
Puzzles tend to have a specific way to be used (as opposed to toys like lego or blocks or train sets which tend to be more open-ended). Using Montessori-style puzzles allows children to enjoy problem solving while having the comfort of knowing that there is only one way to “do” the puzzle.

Montessori puzzles allow children to develop a range of useful skills such as:

  • How to manipulate pieces
  • Fine motor control
  • Logical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Focus
  • Balance (You need to be able to sit and balance while reaching for pieces)
  • Colour recognition
  • Shape recognition
  • Sequencing (there is a defined order in how to complete a jigsaw puzzle)

BKN3X3-010-PBTo choose a puzzle, look for something durable and safe. Younger children will put things in their mouths, make sure the puzzle you choose complies with all the safety standards (please note that we only stock products that do).

Start with more simple puzzles (like peg or knobbed puzzles), then increase in complexity. Tuzzles Montessori puzzles are the highest quality wooden educational jigsaw puzzles in the world. We only stock the best!

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